Bingo’s never ending journey

Bingo is a game that became instantly popular when it was first patented back in the 1930s by a New York toy salesman called Edwin S Lowe. The American church network quickly realised what a great fundraiser game bingo could be in their communities and the game’s popularity spread like wildfire. Lowe’s version of the game came in two varieties – a 12 card set which cost $1 and a 24 card set that cost $2. Lowe made a lot of his money by requesting an annual $1 fee from any organisations that wished to conduct the game and use the name ‘bingo’.

The game remained incredibly popular throughout the rest of the twentieth century, particularly in Britain and America. And though bingo may have become marginally less popular when the different national lotteries first started appearing in the 1990s, with the potential to make winners into millionaires, now that the game has gone online, it’s enjoyed a new wave of popularity.

Today, wherever you are, you can think of a game of bingo and be playing one within minutes, thanks to the presence of so many internet bingo sites such as 32red and Cheeky Bingo, to name but a couple of examples. Bingo is a game that anyone can play, and the online game is even easier than the land-based version. When you play, there’s no need to concentrate on the number calls as the software marks the numbers that match the calls on your cards for you.

You don’t even have to rush to register a winning card – the software takes care of that too. This leaves the player free to enjoy other side games which take place at the same time as the main bingo game they’re playing, or to chat to other players in the bingo site chat rooms.

The convenience and ease with which you can play online bingo has brought ever younger players to the game, many of whom will never have stepped foot into a land-based bingo hall. Bingo used to have a bit of a reputation for being an old ladies’ game, but venture onto any bingo site today and you’ll certainly find players of all ages – and both sexes. Bingo chat rooms always have a light-hearted atmosphere to them – everyone who is there is looking to have fun and perhaps to be the one that has the lucky winning card that day.

And now, of course, bingo’s become even more accessible as you can play it on a smartphone too. Many of the sites offer at least some of their gaming selection on mobile apps. While you might be able to play on a mobile, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be away from home to do so. Many players enjoy bingo games on their mobile while they’re in the living room, sitting on the sofa, rather than having to sit in front of their pc.

Just because bingo’s now more hi-tech than it’s ever been, it doesn’t mean that it won’t keep evolving. Who knows, online bingo may follow the same path as some online casino games – where you can stream live games on the casino sites. Some people playing blackjack like to see that there’s a human dealer dealing out their cards, and similarly some online bingo players will enjoy playing live bingo games streamed from a bingo hall where there’s a human being shouting out the number calls.

And the game’s changing in bingo halls too, with more and more of them offering the players the option to play on electronic bingo tablets rather than with the traditional paper tickets and a dabber. Some bingo halls have separate electronic bingo rooms so that the players there can chat while they play (the tablets do the concentrating for them) without disturbing the concentration of the dabber and paper players, who need a bit of quiet to play properly.

However you play the game of bingo, there’s always a common theme – it’s a fun and easy game of chance that has the potential to bring a player great dividends whenever they decide to play.